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Random Thought

Zoo animals kept in closed proximity, forced to live with rules, restrictions, and limitations have always been a sad sight for me to see. The thought of being told and fed what to eat, when to eat it, and caged in is way beyond the natural laws of life. Especially when you see tigers and giraffes in cold areas of the world and polar bears in warm climates, everyday they circle their crate endlessly hoping to die. It chills me to the bone, and I’ve always wondered how the hell people voluntarily work there and keep these vulnerable animals in captivity?

It occurred to me that we, the same human beings that keep animals in cages, also keep humans in cages. Nevermind the reasoning, or logic (good vs bad) for it. Who gives us the right to keep people in cages for years and sometimes the entire life of a person? Does God, or whichever higher power you believe in? No. Laws are man-made. Regardless of the reasons why. Strip away the arguments and look at the essence of the soul in each person – not the ego and actions of. It is just as sad to see the life of a human being forced to live in a cage, as it is to watch a helpless animal.

And we, fellow human beings joined together  in unity by the collective consciousness of our soul, continue to enslave each other and living creatures in confinement.

Will this madness ever end?

Message in a Dream

I had a dream last night. I usually have rather vivid ones, sometimes profound, but rarely am I spoken to on a personal level with a message so clear that I ponder my waking life in the dream.

I was seated on a table in a change room, waiting to make my next move – trying to escape the police, running through an employee restricted area of some building. A family was making commotion, and as I waited trying to blend in, I starting feeling very patient and relaxed. Like a sense that I was giving up.

A young girl came up to me. She was fair skinned with blond hair, and spoke with conviction. She said she had a message for me. That she didn’t know why these things came to her, but she had to tell me. She said, “anything you desire you will have. Whatever you want, you can have.” I was initially confused in my dream and wondered if that meant escape in the context of my dream. Again she repeated, “I don’t know why these messages come to me, but I want to tell you, everything you wish for you will receive.”

Since I am often told these same words in waking life, I was reminded of the confusion I encounter when I am trying to decide exactly what it means. As simple as they seem, it is not so in my mind. In waking life I wonder if it means my job and financial situation, in the dream I wondered if it meant escape. When repeated a second time, with the deep intense stare of the person conveying the message to me- I ponder life purpose and meaning in general.

At that moment, when I thought about my life as a whole, the young girl smiled and walked away. Reflecting on the meaning of dreams is usually an easy and fun challenge. This time, as when I am told in waking life, I find it difficult to understand. I look for the objective, the aim – and perhaps this is perplexity of thoughts.

The energy it takes for a soul to enter a dream in a physical form and relay a clear message in the form of language is exceptionally great. To underestimate the importance would be like ignoring the sincere and vital advice of a parent or friend, like turning a blind eye on our true essence and all we are.

I appreciate the contact, and am grateful for the experience and the message. I will continue to be as present, optimistic, and open as possible to understanding the true meaning in relation to my life. I hope to gain clarity and peace of mind – thank you!

Charley Sheen – love!!

He is my idol.

Apocalypse ME, the Jaws of Life. Marry a tree! The cyber pocket of greatness! Don’t they know? Notice how hell is in helicopter. LOL!!!

Chemtrails – “What in the world are they spraying?”

I’m a sucker for whistleblowers and people who live to expose the truth. Really loving the White Hats Report: a blog detailing the fraud and corruption of government officials and bankers like George Bush Sr. and Project Camelot which I have been a follower for many years but this chemtrails business has me scratching my head.

I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around our government organizing and carrying out a massive program involving hundreds of millions of dollars to fly planes worldwide and fill our skies with chemicals spewing in the form of a “trail” and NOBODY coming forward to address the reasons or significance. I’ve read theories on preventing global warming, polluting civilization, etc. but that little voice inside tells me this conspiracy theory sounds a little flaky. Especially considering it’s been over 10 years of spraying on a global scale, you would think those involved (i.e. the pilots, and families of) would be at least a little concerned for their own relatives to spread concern and contact the media?! You would think….

Despite the “evidence” in the form of pictures and videos, and as in the video link from Rosalind Peterson – many years of documented flight routes and pictures of circulating non-commercial planes…. I still believe there has to be a logical reason for this, otherwise this is the sickest piece of CT to mull over – really our governments would risk our own lives in hopes of preventing global warming? That’s f’d up.

Watch Rosalind speak here

A post from a reader states:

I’ve been a pilot for 38 years. The reason they look like they “begin spraying” is because the atmosphere cools as altitude increases at a rate of about 3.5F per thousand feet altitude gained. This is called the “adiabatic lapse rate” which is due to decreased atmospheric pressure the higher you go. The trails begin as the plane climbs to an altitude where it is cool enough to cause CONdensation TRAILS. The CONTRAILS are composed of a tiny amount of jet fuel byproducts (basically the same combustion byproducts as a home kerosene heater) and 99.99% WATER. The WATER comes out of the engine as STEAM which quickly condenses into an artificial cloud of FROZEN WATER CRYSTALS called a CONTRAIL.

Hmm. Could be possible, he could also have his head up his ass as someone else said.

More informative and relevant links:

And finally, I’m not exactly sure what this is, but it scares the hell out of me.The “Weather Modification Association”.

Source that started my research for this post:


Come to think of it – as a kid I remember watching the planes go by in the sky and wanting the trail to last but it always disappeared. It used to be a game to spot the trail before it disappeared with my sister. I can’t remember ever looking at a plane contrail that stuck longer than a few minutes – I’ll definitely be watching the skies over Toronto!!


Icebergs On Lake Michigan – Amazing!

They sometimes have stripes, formed by layers of snow that react to

different conditions.   Blue stripes are often created when a crevice in

the ice sheet fills up with melted water and freezes so quickly that no

bubbles form.   When an  iceberg falls into the lake, a layer of water

can freeze to the underside. If this is rich in algae, it can form a

green stripe.   Brown, black and yellow  lines are caused by sediment,

picked up  when the ice sheet grinds downhill  towards the  lake.